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Spring is a great time to get started with tennis in Cloughey.  The weather is warming up and the evenings are getting brighter.


Tennis is a great sport for kids to learn from an early age.  It is a non-contact sport, which improves their balance, coordination, and agility - all skills that can be transferred to other sports.  Above all, tennis is fun and most kids enjoy playing rallies from an early stage and the sense of achievement that this brings.  For group coaching we take children from age 5.  With some one-to-one coaching, they can start from age 4.


Tennis can be enjoyed at any level - from simple recreation to high-level competition, and by getting them started early, you will give your own child the opportunity to realise their own potential, and to decide at what level they want to play.


At Cloughey & District, we use the most recent and progressive coaching methods recommended by Tennis Ireland & the International Tennis Federation (ITF), using slow balls, mini-nets and a games-based and fun approach which is enjoyed by all the kids who play with us.


Junior Membership

The membership year runs from April 2019 to March 2020 and a 3-tier Junior Membership is used as follows:

Age U10 yrs      Annual membership £10  (can play with parents or in club junior coaching sessions)

Age 10-13 yrs   Annual membership £30  (can play unsupervised with other junior members + club coaching sessions)

Age 14-17 yrs   Annual membership £50  (can play in adult clubplay sessions)


1. Addition charges for junior coaching groups payable to coach.

2. Junior coaching groups will be organised on Monday evenings

3. Saturday morning sessions will be phased out and replaced with monthly tournaments.

4. Effective date for age limits is 01 April 2017.




Junior coaching courses

This are held regularly throughout the year and enable our juniors to improve their game and play competitive tennis in tournaments and league teams.  We have engaged the services of hilip Wilson for this year adn he will be assisted by Josh Bunting from the club as will as Head Coach Alistair Dunnto take these courses starting in April 2017.  The standard fee for these sessions is £5 per 1-hour session.  Junior members can book and pay in advance at the lower rate of £32 for 8 sessions.  The courses are open to non-members at a charge of £6 per session or £40 for 8 lessons.


To view all the membership options and download forms - click here 


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Feel free to contact club coach Alistair Dunn to discuss you own child's requirements - ring/text 07801-374444.