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7 good reasons for playing tennis

Tennis - the best life-long sport you can play! Tennis is a sport that can be enjoyed from the age of 5 to 85, and is truly a 'sport for life'. 


Tennis is good for your health & fitness -it offers more health benefits and social, developmental and competitive opportunities than any other sporting activity.  


Tennis is a non-contact sport that can be enjoyed at any level of ability.  Learning to play tennis is easy and a fantastic investment that will pay dividends throughout your life


Playing tennis provides excellent relaxation and relief from the stress of modern living - it's fun to play tennis!


Tennis is a game that all the family can play together - one of the few sports that parents can play  with their children


Tennis is a relatively inexpensive sport and costs less than membership or a gym or golf club.  All you need to get started is a racquet and a pair or trainers.


As a tennis player you can make friends and play anywhere in the world. Tennis is a universal sport played with the same rules everywhere.


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