Coaching Director  -  Alistair Dunn

                                                   Alistair helped to set up the club in 2008, and has been coaching juniors and adults since 2012. He                                                         is qualifed as both as a PTR and Tennis Ireland Level 1 Coach  and now concentrates  on                                                                            coaching  beginners and new Club members. 

                                                   Contact 07801-374444.






                                                   Club Coach   -  Ben Cozens

                                                   Ben is a PTR tennis Coach who has over 30 years of competitive tennis experience.  He has                                                                      been coaching at Cloughey since early 2020, and enjoys putting our intermediate and                                                                                advanced players through their paces in his energetic group coaching sessions.  He also takes                                                                 the lead on our junior coaching courses.  

                                                   Contact 07523-219081

​                                                   Club Assistant Coach – Josh Bunting

                                                   Josh has been a member of the club since its inception, when he started at the age of 6 and                                                                      has represented the club in both the junior and senior leagues.   He has been assisting                                                                             Alistair at Cloughey since he was 16 and qualified as a PTR coach in 2020.  We are delighted to                                                                have  him on our coaching team, where he is popular with both adults and juniors.  

                                                   Contact 07843-700311


Private lessons – the best way to improve your tennis.  Our coaches will analyse your game, iron                                                     out your weak points and help you to achieve your tennis potential.  Current rate for 1-1 lessons                                                     is £20/hour

                                                  Contact individual coaches  to arrange lessons.   

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