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Club Committee


The current committee was elected at the Annual General Meeting of the Club on 12 March 2020


Chairman                 John Lee 

Hon Secretary         Kate Jenkinson

Hon Treasurer         Liz Ashton

Membership Sec     Paul Gregg

Committee members 

Alistair Dunn

Sara Gowan

Karen Vaughan

John McClements

Lee Jenkinson



Child safeguarding 

Club Designated Officer:     Alistair Dunn

Boys safeguarding officer:  Lee Jenkinson

Girls safeguarding officer:   Kate Jenkinson


Click here for contact information


Communications with members

Club Members we be advised of Committee decisions through this website (See Members Area page) and our noticeboards in the Pavilion and at the tennis courts.


The normal method of communication with members will be by email.  Members please keep us advised of any change to  your email address.

Members WhatsApp Groups are used to arrange clubplay sessions, internal leagues and Junior coaching groups.


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