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The Club organises open mixed-ability Club play sessions on Tuesday and Thursday evenings from 7-9pm  and Saturdays from 2-3.30pm.


Clubplay is particularly important for new members and beginners.  It provides an opportunity to meet with other members in a friendly atmosphere with no pressure to win or play at a high standard.   Beginners and new members  can gain confidence  and learn the rules of tennis and etiquette as well as making new friends.  


Experienced and better players must show patience and understand that when they come to clubplay they are expected to play with beginners and weaker players.  It  is important for the weaker players to play with good players if they are to improve their game.  Our Club started in 2008 with 8 members and most of our recruits had not played tennis before. The standard of play has improved exponentially since then and our league teams are beginning to make an impact. Guidelines and etiquette for clubplay are posted on the noticeboard at the courts and also on this page (below).


Competitive playing group
On Thursday evenings 7-9pm and Saturdays after 3.30pm priority is given to competitive tennis (ie for the more experienced and team players).  Less experienced players who want to improve their game are welcome to come along to the competitive sessions, and the club coach will advise any member who might want to make this step.


Summary of regular organised clubplay sessions:

Tuesdays 7-9pm    Mixed ability Clubplay -  open to all members aged 14+

Thursdays 7-9pm  Mixed ability Clubplay - open to all members aged 14+

Saturdays  2-3.30pm  Mixed ability Clubplay  -  then from  3.30-5pm Competitive Clubplay


The 'rules' for Clubplay sessions are reviewed from time to time and you can view the current clubplay rules by clicking on the link below.

Click here for Clubplay guidelines & rules

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