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Ulster Branch Tennis Ireland - get information on what's happening in tennis circles in Ulster and Ireland. 


How to choose a tennis racquet - read this before you rush to buy a 'bargain ' on the internet!  What type of player are you? - beginners usually need a 'power' racquet and strong experienced playerS usually have a 'control' racquet.  Ordinary club standard players normally use a 'mid-range' racquet.  What do these terms mean? This article is on the Tennis Nuts website but you don't have to buy from them, just read and think before you buy.   Ask other members if you can have a few shots with their racquets - hitting a few shots with a similar racquet before you buy one is the best way to choose a tennis racquet.  Club coach has a selection of new and used racquets which you can try out to see which type works for you.


Coaching tips on how to improve your game - These tips from Peter Farrell, leading Irish Coach are really good and there are 26 of them!  You can download and print off the ones that interest you and then get to work on your game!


Top tips videos from Peter Farrell - These are brief and give good guidance on important aspects of your game.

If you want to play winning tennis, play unpredictable tennis. Your opponent should never be sure of what is coming next...


Tip 1 - To see the first in a series of short videos by Tennis Coach Ireland’s Director of Development Peter Farrell on ‘Keys to Winning Tennis’, click here


Tip 2 - develop a  Service ritual



Rules of Tennis brief rules - full rules  These are laid down by the Internation Tennis Federation (ITF) and recognised by all affiliated national bodies including Tennis Ireland and the UK Lawn Tennis Association (LTA)


Tennis Code - This is a further set of guidelines originally set out by the US Tennis Association to assist players interpret the rules and avoid disputes.  It is quite long but worth reading  at least once so you are aware of the existence of the more obscure  rules and guidelines.


Tennis Etiquette - the unwritten rules of tennis.  This link sets out some of the basic guidelines of how to behave on court to make the game more enjoyable for everybody.  

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